Innovera Systems

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Transform any surface to be IoT Cloud-based Digital Media

LED Advertising Anywhere
Our technology allows you to place LED display ads on any surface such as glass, windows, doors or walls. The translucent LEDs mean that the screens are difficult to see and maximize impact for those people outside, while minimizing obstruction for those on the interior.

Cloud-based Management
Upload a new video ad anytime, from any internet connection and the display will immediately display it. We put the power of advertising management back in your hands AND in real-time. Franchisers can control exactly what each franchisee is displaying through one central network.

IoT Connected
Each system is connected to the internet, meaning that major advertisers and ad supply companies can control which ads go where, and when. Adding a new video to thousands of outdoor screens takes seconds!

Custom Sizes and Installs
Call us for a custom quote on your glass wall or outdoor surface and see for yourself the impact a LED video ad can bring to your business.

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